Natural Hair Stylist

Natural Hair Stylist

Many curly and kinky haired women, whether newly natural or seasoned veterans, have different ideas about how to find a good natural hair stylist. Because they don't know how to find the right expert to work their magic on their natural kinks and coils, many women turn to DIY and YouTube tutorials. That has changed as of today. In this article we will share in-depth details on the perfect ways you can search for a natural hair stylist and they are broken down in steps.

Finding that Natural Hair Knowledge

The most important reason to visit a natural hair stylist is to have a professional examine and preserve the health of your natural hair. Regardless of how experienced you are with your own curls, a once-over from an experienced and professionally qualified stylist would help your hair. If you've been looking for a stylist who understands natural hair, keep reading for four important tips that will guide you in the right direction.

1. Search for a Natural Hair Salon with Good Reviews and Great Referrals

You've no doubt been Googling "natural hair stylist near me" to find the best options. Keep an eye out for posts that discuss the consistency of the stylist's methods and the wellbeing of their hair after a visit as you read through the experiences of other naturals. The best natural hair salons employ stylists who are well-versed in safe natural hair techniques, allowing you to keep your hair looking good long after your visit. When looking for referrals, ask friends and family who have used natural hair facilities.

Too often, people take the advice of friends who have gone to a salon that claims to work with natural hair but have never received any natural hairstyles themselves. To assess a salon's ability to work with natural hair, talk to people who have received and enjoyed natural styles from the salon.

2. Know Your Products

Another way to find the best natural hair stylist for you is to be aware of the products that the stylists use on natural hair. A visit to the salon frequently entails a wash, trim, and style using a variety of products that the client is unfamiliar with. Familiarize yourself with the brands that the salon works with to see if they use the healthiest natural hair practices and products. Salons that aren't proactive about protecting natural hair will use products without considering what's in them. Salons frequently use products that contain damaging chemicals that are not suitable for natural hair. These kinds of products will eventually stifle growth and may even lead to breakage.

3. Always Have a Consultation with Your Stylist

Always get to know each potential stylist before scheduling an appointment. Begin by reading the stylist bios on the salon's website and checking out their work on Instagram. This research will assist you in learning what techniques and methods each stylist is trained in, as well as how long they have been working with natural hair. Myriam at All Dolled Up Salons cut this woman's short tapered natural hair. Visit the salon for a consultation once you've found a potential stylist. Allow a stylist to examine your hair to determine their professional opinion of your curls, as well as their plan of action and suggested styles.
Pay attention to the styles that other customers are getting while you're at the salon. Do they live up to your expectations? Are they creating natural hairstyles that you like? All Dolled Up invests in stylists who are well-versed in natural hair, as well as the best products and styling methods for kinky and curly hair. Are you a client looking for a great way to wear your natural hair? Look no further than the natural hair styling team, particularly Myriam, one of our best natural hair stylists. She and our other stylists are fantastic at twist outs and braid outs, as well as protective styles—after just one visit, you'll see that the All Dolled Up team has what it takes to care for your hair.

4. Find a Stylist that is Careful with Cuts

If this is your first visit to a natural salon in a while, you will most likely require a trim. Make certain that your stylist understands how to cut natural hair properly. Curly and kinky hair should be cut in its natural state rather than after any treatments to change its state. Similarly, rather than creating an uneven cut on wet hair, hair should be cut when dry. The goal with natural hair is to find a great stylist who will be able to work with your hair for many years to come. You'll find the right natural hair salon for you sooner than you think if you use these tips in your salon search.


Despite all of the assistance, many women who go natural prefer to have a professional natural hair stylist in their lives to assist them on their journey. Whether it's just for trims, styling, or even maintenance like caring for Locs, some people prefer to hire a stylist. Is it possible to find natural hairstylists, and if so, where can I find them? Don't worry, they exist, but not everyone who claims to be able to do natural hair actually IS able to do natural hair.